We consider every order to be a special occasion. You will always find whatever best for you because we design our menu especially for you. We will always be happy to take the extra mile. The esthetics side and personal service are important as much as the food quality. Dairy events are Pure, clean and different. they may be suited for mornings, Brunch or dinners - no rules about it!

Dairy Appetizers

Eggplant Rolls
Feta Cheese and Fresh Herbs Rolled in a Tinny Sliced fried Eggplant.
Pesto and Parmesan Tangos
Parmesan Cheese and Pesto Spread Wrapped in Puff Pastry and served with Spiced Sour Cream
Greek Bourikas
Spinach and Potato Filled in Puff Pastry with Garlic Feta Dipping
Mushrooms Crepes
Sautéed Champignon and Wild Mushrooms Crepes - Served with Chive and White Wine Cream Sauce
Parmesan Kisses
Baked Pomm’e Dushez with Herbed Parmesan Blend
Roasted Peppers and Goat Cheese Tartlet
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